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“Certain people from Balkan practice the Silent Dance, said also Deaf Dance. It is a kind of round without musical arrangement and vocals, where only the noise of the steps of dancers orders the rhythm and the direction. This dance, which can take place for hours, tests the endurance of the participants through the choreography without any visible rules.

Essay on lightness is another silent dance, having for only instruments a turntable in rotation and a pair of sneakers, suspended over the device and almost motionless. There is no record disc, as there are no musical notes and no sounds, to put rhythm into it. The only things that are dancing around the turntable are looks and ideas, as well as the works of art exhibited there. Moreover, there is the disturbing emptiness which circulates and which dances. "Two objects and that is all?". "Is there ANYTHING ELSE to convince us, to overcome the idleness?".

The silence, as expression of the spirit, should be sufficient in itself. There should be no other center of concern than himself. However, the silence needs a shape to give body to our thoughts and our sensations. And it is better than this shape makes us turn in a loop, without supplying us with additional explanations. Otherwise, the silence will betray itself.

Has an onion a center or only layers? By asking the question, you are already dancing.”

Igor Antic. Paris, 2014

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